Power Steering Electric Column Opel Meriva Body Motor Reducer // New Sensor

Power Steering Electric Column Opel Meriva Body Motor Reducer // New Sensor

Power Steering Electric Column Opel Meriva Body Motor Reducer // New Sensor
Power Steering Column Electric Opel Body Motorcycle Reducer Sensor New. The description of this item has been automatically translated. Regeneration complete with groups electric power steering every make and model 1 YEARS of guarantee. There Raim Electromechanics is able to offer the complete regeneration service, to be understood therefore both of the mechanical parts and of the electronic ones (control unit, sensor and motor), all columns equipped with EPS (Electrically Powered Steering - electric power steering).

This type of intervention is carried out by ordering the Raim Electromechanics an already regenerated item (if available) and returning then the defective one. The return (column-EPS unit/ELECTROHYDRAULIC PUMP), where applicable, must be delivered to the Company no later than 15 (fifteen) days and in recoverable condition, i. Not rusted and complete as supplied: in the absence of these conditions or in case of non-return, a cost will be charged which will be calculated from time to time based on the model in subject. The company also sells non-regenerated but new items (coming from stock - therefore original - or other manufacturing) for which, therefore, the recovery of the defective return is not foreseen (for more detailed information consult our technician at 368577090). The guarantee will materialize in the sole replacement of the parts recognized by us as defective: any defects will not be recognized costs for detachment and refitting, consumables and any consequential damages.

The electro-hydraulic - electronic - electromechanical groups are rather complicated and fragile, therefore in order to avoid any damage. Our technicians are at your complete disposal, paying attention to the following assembly operations. Do not carry out any welding on the vehicle without disconnecting the battery. Do not make electrical bridges with one or more batteries causing excessive current swings.

Do not wash or wet the electronic groups with water or other liquids. Avoid any contact of the electrical units with mud or earth.

The regeneration of the electric power steering units (EPS - Electrally Power Steering) includes. The complete disassembly of the group. Pickling and electrolytic galvanizing of metal parts. Check for any eccentricity of the internal shaft.

Calibration of the clearances of the cardan joints and of the couplings between telescopic axes. Calibration of the clearances of the pin-rack coupling of the servomechanism. Replacement of the engine column torque position sensor.

Overhaul/replacement of the servomechanism drive motor. The overhaul/replacement of the elastic coupling of the electric motor to the servomechanism.

The revision/replacement of the electronic control unit. The replacement of any damaged plastic parts adjustment lever, brackets, couplings.. Verification of the integrity of all wiring and connections. Greasing of bearings, cardan joints, flexible coupling and servomechanism. Testing and calibration on test bench. The centering/alignment of the steering and the prevention of any rotations with an appropriate locking system. The protection of the threaded parts with specific rubber protections. 5 stars 24/48h 1 star 6-7 days.

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Power Steering Electric Column Opel Meriva Body Motor Reducer // New Sensor

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